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Posted: 2021-06-18
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Would you like to do some shopping and get paid for it? Need a flexible schedule job with an attractive pay scale? Then, Instacart will be glad to have you as an Instacart shopper! Sign Up now to become a shopper and get paid for shopping! Instacart is an American company, the fastest-growing company in e-commerce. Instacart provides Grocery delivery in more than 5500 cities in the United States. Customers place their order on the Instacart application and Instacart’s shopper fulfills the order by purchasing, packing, and then delivering the items to the Customer at his/her doorstep.

Join the Instacart delivery system just by Signing Up on Instacart!! Apply now!


1) What is an Instacart Shopper?

An Instacart shopper fulfills the orders placed by customers on the Instacart app. A Shopper uses the Instacart app to view the orders and then shop & delivers the order to the customer’s doorstep. There are two types of Shoppers roles at Instacart.

Full-service shopper- independent contractors and use the Instacart app to take the order, shop, and deliver the products.

In-store shopper- shoppers are required to shop in stores and stage the orders. They need to work 29 hours per week and a flexible work schedule. They are the employees of Instacart.

2) What do I need to become a delivery driver with Instacart?

  • Before you apply for a delivery driver with Instacart, make sure that you are eligible for it.
  • You should at least be 18 years old.
  • You must pass the eligibility criteria to work in the U.S.
  • Access to a reliable smartphone to use Instacart App.
  • A reliable means of your own transportation.
  • Valid Vehicle insurance, and a driving license.
  • Physically fit because you will be required to weigh items of more than 30 pounds.
  • 3) Do shoppers pay for shopping groceries?

    Shoppers do not need to pay for the shopping. After the Activation of the account, you will receive a card from the company, a card will be used to purchase the products of the orders.

    4) What documents are required to sign up on Instacart?

    Signing Up is a very simple process but you need some documents before signing up. You need to enter your contact details(mentioned in your driving license), your social security number. Then you will be required to set up a direct deposit, so that you can receive payments directly in your bank, for setting up a direct deposit you need to have your bank information with you to complete the process.

    5) How do Instacart shoppers work?

  • Check the Instacart app and accept the batch in which you want to shop and deliver.
  • Check the chats and others to determine customer’s orders.
  • Provide information and help the customers with some products.
  • Confirm the orders and ask about additional requirements for the products.
  • Lock the order and give the information about the timelines of the delivery.
  • Shop the items from the order list, in the right order to avoid missing any product.
  • Place items on the cart.
  • Checking, again and again, to ensure that all the items have been bought.
  • Place the items into the vehicle.
  • Drive carefully and deliver the items on time.
  • Hand over the items and associated bills.
  • Collect cash and respond to calls related to incorrect deliveries.
  • Dealing with the exchanges and returns by following set protocols and rules.
  • 6) How do Instacart shoppers get paid?

    Shoppers receive payment weekly on the basis of work they have done. They receive the payment in their direct deposit account. Shoppers’ earnings depend on the order items, delivery distance, and the effort they had to put in to get the items and delivery of them. The key to earning more is very simple- Shop more and earn more! Instacart also offers various promotional programs to encourage shoppers to work and earn more.


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