Amazon Warehouse Associate - Weekend Shifts Available - Now Hiring! (Hiring Immediately) in Norwalk, California

Norwalk, CA, 90650
Posted: 2021-06-18
Valid through: 2022-04-18

Amazon is recruiting a Warehouse Associate. If you’re looking for any weekend shifts, or part-time, or full-time job, or are you a student looking for weekend shifts to supplement your income. Join Amazon as a warehouse associate and start earning a decent wage right away.

What does Warehouse Associate do?

The warehouse associates are responsible for processing customer’s orders and returns. Basically, the entire process of order loading, packaging, wrapping, labeling, and shipping of the orders are handled by them.

Warehouse Associates are also known as ware Stocker, Night filler, Shelf stacker, Stacker, Stock assistant, Stock replenisher, Store attendant, Warehouse operative.

Why Amazon?

  • Amazon is one of the largest multinational companies in the world and is a leading provider of cloud computing services.
  • You be your own boss, you can set your schedule and work accordingly.
  • You get paid every week.
  • Several benefits like health insurance which includes dental, vision, and others are provided by Amazon.
  • You will be working as a W-2 employee and not a contractor.
  • Basic Job Criteria to Join Amazon as a Warehouse Associate?

  • No prior experience is required as on-job training is provided.
  • Education qualification must be GED, High school diploma, or equivalent.
  • Certifications like Forklift is a must.
  • Grab this wonderful opportunity!
  • FAQs

    1.) What are the basic tasks performed by an Amazon warehouse associate?

  • Loading orders and processing them.
  • Fetching all the materials, packing boxes, and placing orders in the delivery area.
  • The order is delivered by driving truck or van to and from vendors by warehouse associates.
  • Proper maintenance of truck or van for repairs is to be done if required.
  • Collecting all the stock location orders and printing requests and also maintaining inventory.
  • Providing quality checks by following organization standards.
  • Keep the work environment clean and tidy which includes shelves, pallet area, and workstations neat.
  • Promotes clean shipping supply area.
  • Maintains reports by entering the required information.
  • Accomplish targets by team efforts.
  • 2.) Are phones allowed in Amazon warehouses?

    No phones are allowed at Amazon warehouses as there is a very strict no cellphone/no pictures policy.

    3.) Is it hard working at the Amazon warehouse?

    This job requires lots of physical activity, as long as you can work and you’ll have to be productive. Most of the time you will be literally on your feet, moving, working for your shift.

    4.) How do you apply online for an Amazon job?

    You can search the openings by selecting your location preferences, business categories, job categories, or keywords. After you find the appropriate opening for you, to apply for that you need to click the Apply Now button next to the title of the role at the top of the page.

    5.) What does an Amazon warehouse associate do?

    An Amazon warehouse fulfillment associate is fully responsible for carrying out multiple duties such as receiving and processing received stock and supplies, picking and filling orders from stock, overseeing the packing and shipment of orders, loading, and unloading or managing, retrieving, and organizing stock.


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