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Posted: 2021-07-31
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If you are looking for a job in Kent (Washington), then you are at the right place. Amazon is one of the biggest booming online retailers around the world. It is also regarded as a remarkable cloud services provider all around the globe.

Amazon started as a platform that only sold books but now it sells more than thousands of global products according to the customer demand all around the world!

Millions of customers regularly visit their website for all kinds of products! Amazon sells items based on global appeals like electronics, books, textiles, home decor, utensils, footwear, textiles, stationery, kitchen essentials, clothes, accessories, footwear, office supplies, and other things.

Working for Amazon can give you a great boost in your career! So many Amazon workers who started as Pickers and Packers are now running their own business! If you have the leadership skills and other qualities, Amazon recognizes it!

What does an Order Filler do at Amazon?

As an order filler, these are some of the tasks that you will have to perform. You will be working along with the warehouse team.

  • To arrange the inventory and record the items.
  • To track the missing products and reasons for the delay of shipments.
  • Order fillers are also accountable for putting sticker labels on the packed boxes.
  • Checking the products available in the inventory.
  • An Order Filler will be working with the warehouse staff, and they need to be physically fit to perform the daily tasks which comprise picking the items, getting the packages in the warehouse.
  • Who all are eligible?

    If you want to begin your career at Amazon, then an Order Filler would be a great fit for you. An Order Filler requires elementary qualification and the application will be accepted even if you have no prior background in this field.

    What are the basic work responsibilities of Amazon Order filler?

  • Achieving the company standards by giving the best quality services.
  • Locating where the products are kept in the warehouse.
  • Organizing the inventory in the warehouse.
  • Labeling the stock in the warehouse.
  • Picking the confirmed products by using a forklift tool and packing them.
  • Transporting the products to the shipping and verifying area.
  • Organizing the incoming product and shipping the outgoing products in a systematic trouble-free procedure.
  • Checking the incoming and outgoing products.
  • Reselling the products that are canceled or returned by the customers.
  • Determining the products that are defective and separating them.
  • Keeping accurate records of all outgoing and incoming items in the Amazon database.
  • Following all the safety measures and rules and regulations at the workplace.
  • What are the core requirements of an Amazon Order filler?

  • You must be at least 18 years old or more.
  • You must have a high school diploma or any equivalent educational qualification.
  • You must have at least one year of background in a similar field. This will be an Ace card for you to get selected!
  • You must be physically strong and capable to do physical tasks with ease.
  • Having a solid knowledge of warehouse equipment and tools is greatly appreciated.
  • You must be capable of operating various warehouse tools and equipment which comprises forklift, hand truck, pallet jack.
  • Having good communication skills is an added benefit.
  • You must be willing to perform and work in a team.
  • Having earlier experience in a similar field is not necessary but it would be considered as an advantage.
  • Having good time management skills is a must.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1)What are the working hours for Amazon Order Filler?

    There are no fixed hours provided by Amazon. Amazon has three shifts per day. If you work as a full-time employee then you can pick any one of the three shifts and if you work as a part-time employee then you have to work three hours per day according to your schedule.

    2)How much can I earn as an Order Filler at Amazon?

    The base pay depends and it can increase based on your location, qualification, and experience.

    3)How frequently will I get paid as an Amazon Order filler?

    As an Amazon Order filler, you will be paid weekly through direct bank deposits.

    4)What are the major skills required to be an effective order filler?

    You must have strong analytical skills and understanding of the orders along with solid observation skills which will help you to do your job effectively. Being physically fit will be a plus point as the work requires picking and packing the products from the warehouse.

    5)How can I become an Amazon Order Filler?

    If you want to begin your career at Amazon, then Amazon Order Filler would be a great fit. An Order Filler requires elementary qualification and the application can be accepted even if you have no prior background in this field.


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