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Norwalk, CA, 90650
Posted: 2021-09-26
Valid through: 2022-07-27

C.R. England Dedicated division has immediate openings. C.R. England has a brand new contract with the largest supplier of frozen pizza in the country, Nestle Pizza division. Up to .69 CPM!!! The positions we are hiring for are for a day cab position. 95% of the time, you will be shuttling trailers between the two Nestle DCs. Apply for C.R. England jobs and become a Class A driver today!

This is a dedicated account, and backhauls are a requirement. All trailers out of Nations Pizza are preloaded, and this will be 98% drop and hook freight. All no-touch freight. You will be driving new automatic day cabs with the latest safety equipment to provide a better driving experience. All trucks utilize the latest ELD equipment with trucker friendly GPS capabilities.

For Day Cab Positions Only

It is going to be a set schedule with a set 34 off each week. You will have the same day off every week so you can start to make plans! You will be home at the end of your shift every day, with the exception of the extreme weather shutdown. The company provides hotels in case you get stuck out while making your deliveries.


1)What will be the responsibilities of a Class A driver at C.R. England?

The responsibilities of C.R. England jobs include:

  • Shipping completed products and crude materials.
  • Getting materials from assembling plants or retail and conveyance focuses.
  • Safe delivery.
  • You also get to complete paid CDL training, if required.
  • Capacity to deal with the treatment of 18 wheels, 40 tons, 80 feet, and 400 pull.
  • Reviewing vehicles for mechanical things.
  • Keeping up security issues while working at C.R. England.
  • Performing precaution upkeep.
  • Arranging courses.
  • Meeting delivery plans.
  • Sound client relationship.

2)What do I require to start working with C.R. England?

  • A legitimate Class A driver CDL. You may also join the company's paid CDL training.
  • Be, in any event, 21 years of age.
  • Those 23 years of age and more youthful need to have a perfect driving record.
  • Have an acceptable employment record.
  • C.R. England jobs require three years of employment history.
  • Telephone numbers with region code for all business history.
  • Pass a required medication screen.
  • No DUIs over the most recent seven years, close to 2 in a lifetime.
  • No careless driving charges or permit suspensions.
  • Have the option to pass a Department of Transportation physical from a specialist for working at C.R. England.
  • Crimes should be, in any event, 10 years old or more established, take one case at a time.

3)How regularly would I be able to visit home, working at C.R. England?

C.R. England jobs comprehend and value the work/family equilibrium of their drivers, and they will bend over backwards to get you home within about fourteen days of your solicitation.

4)What are the advantages of working at C.R. England?

There are some benefits that C.R. England provides a Class A driver, such as it offers 401k Retirement Plans, medical advantages, paid get-away, paid CDL training, extra motivators, and a money reference program. Isn’t it a great deal to work with an organization that takes care of these things for you? Apply now.

5)What will be the schedule for C.R. England jobs?

As a Class A driver, your shifts will be between 10-14 hours a day with the occasional 16-hour extension during busy workdays. This will clear out:

  • Sunday-Friday: Start time 05:00.
  • Sunday-Friday: Start time 16:00.
  • Tuesday-Sunday: Start time 12:00.
  • Tuesday-Sunday: Start time 17:00.
  • Tuesday-Sunday: Start Time 20:00.
  • Tuesday-Sunday: Start Time 22:00.

6)Does C.R. England provide paid CDL training?

C.R. England pays in phase 1 training. This amount is an hour-based pay while driving. It also pays you while you’re on duty but not driving (this includes refilling of fuel etc.). Once you complete your paid CDL training program and are officially hired, your payment will be on a weekly basis.

7)What skills do I need for a Class A driver at C.R. England?

These skills are essential for working at C.R. England:

  • C.R. England jobs demand organization skills.
  • Analytical and problem-solving ability.
  • You should be familiar with local routes and streets, which requires a good memory.
  • You should be responsible and hardworking.


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