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Posted: 2021-09-26
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Do you love trucking but don’t want to be on the road for weeks, even months, at a time? Good news! There is another way. Drive for our dedicated Sysco position. When you’re part of an account dedicated to one customer, your routes, your interactions, your home time, and your paychecks all become more predictable. We have round-the-clock office support staff to assist you and have had a strong relationship with our customers for nearly a decade. We aim for each driver to receive at least 2,000 miles each week and be home at least every othr weekend. Apply for the Class A driver position now!


We do not touch freight on this account. There is a dedicated C.R. England maintenance shop onsite to handle any and all of our maintenance needs (trucks and trailers). We only drive automatic sleeper cabs and pull 53 refrigerated trailers. If you are tired of constantly being away from home but love driving. Get your life back. Go Dedicated.


1)Does C.R. England provide CDL training to a Sysco Class-A Driver?

This application aims to bring college students together for work at Sysco Class A driver positions. The training for C.R. England jobs lasts seventeen weeks. In Heartland's CDL training application, students will receive four weeks of daily training during the first phase when working at C.R. England.

2)What are the requirements for C.R. England's Premier Truck Driving School?

The applicant should be 21. The applicant must have a clean driving record which includes a 3-year job history and a clean record. You must pass a mandatory pharmaceutical screening and physical tests for C.R. England jobs. The C.R. England Class A driver exam must be passed satisfactorily, and you must show your social security card.

3)What are other truck driver positions available at C.R. England?

C.R. England is one of the most outstanding and competitive enterprises. C.R. England jobs offer a lot of excellent truck driver opportunities with more than 570 vacancies. Some of its vacant options include a fair salary, flexible home time, and attractive perks offered by dedicated, Intermodal, OTR, and regional services.

C.R. England is searching for a competent Class A driver that can handle 18 wheels, 40 tonnes, 80 feet, and 400 horsepower in a safe and clean record!

4)What kind of skills does a Sysco Class A driver position require?

C.R. England jobs search for a person whose words are determined. Working at C.R. England, the candidate must engage in his task. The candidate must be efficient at communicating. A truck driver must have pleasant and healthy working relationships and encourage their clients to establish a friendly and healthy atmosphere.

5)How can I become a Sysco Class A driver with C.R. England?

The recruitment procedure includes C.R. England jobs interviews. Checking candidates for efficient conduct and communication abilities are the critical elements of the recruitment process!

When you apply for truck driver, you will receive an online form to complete the interview necessary for you in the following phase. The human resource manager will contact you after receiving and reviewing your application. That's an indication that you qualify for the next step.

6)Do drivers get time off when working at C.R. England?

The procedure of getting time off is simple. C.R. England jobs have shifts that range from 10 to 14 hours each day, occasionally extending to 16 hours. As this is a devoted task and the truck driver is also responsible for offering its services, time offs must be provided 2 weeks before the required date. Time Off is on a first-come, first-serve basis when working at C.R. England.


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