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Posted: 2021-06-18
Valid through: 2022-04-18

Looking for some temporary work to earn a little extra cash? Would you like a part-time gig or a flexible full-time gig to keep you occupied in your free time? Want to earn easy quick pay? Well, why not consider driving with Uber.

Uber is a well-known and trusted ride-hailing company that allows users to book a ride from wherever they are, to go wherever they want by simply using the Uber app.

Now Uber has openings and is on the lookout for drivers and in the process of hiring immediately. If you want work that you can do while also having free time for other interests and goals then sign up and help users ‘Get There’ with Uber.


1) What is a workday like for an Uber driver?

Uber drivers can decide whenever they like to open their Uber driver’s account and enable requests. Once that is done, according to their own location they receive ride requests from within the area, which they can choose to accept or decline. If accepted, drivers simply need to use the in-app navigation system and GPS location to drive to the rider’s location to pick them up and then drive to their desired, previously selected location.

2) Are there different kinds of driver positions with Uber?

Uber does offer different positions depending on the type of driver and type of car the driver has access to as well as several other factors. The positions are UberX, Uber Black, Uber SUV, Uber LUX, and others. More details about these positions can be found on the Uber website.

3) Do Uber drivers pay for tolls?

The toll fees for any ride are added to the fee of the drive which is paid by the rider. Uber drivers do not pay for the toll fees themselves.

4) How do I qualify to be an Uber driver?

To become an Uber driver all that is needed is to be at least 21 years old, which is old enough to not only have a valid driver’s license but also at least three years of driving experience.

Drivers should also have immediate access to their own 4-door car which has appropriate insurance and passed the Uber car inspection. If a driver would like a car to be provided to them they can mention that in their application process and Uber can see if any other arrangements can be made.

5) How do Uber drivers earn?

Uber drivers are actually independent contractors that only use the Uber app to drive users to where they need to go. So instead of a fixed wage, Uber drivers earn a base fee on every ride they accept and complete. The more rides are done, the more a driver earns. This base fee varies with each ride and includes factors like distance, location, time of day, etc.

Uber drivers can track their daily earnings as well as 100% of all tips earned using the Uber driver’s app.

6) When do Uber drivers receive their pay?

Uber has a driver's weekly earnings as well as tips directly deposited into the given bank account. If a driver needs to withdraw from their earnings before the end of the week they can use the Instant Pay feature the app offers.

7) How do I become an Uber driver?

The application process to become an Uber driver is a simple process done completely online. All candidates need to do is log on to the Uber website or download the Uber app and create a driver’s account by clicking on ‘Become a Driver’. The application form is very standard and asks for the basic personal information and necessary documentation for the vehicle the driver will be using. Finally, candidates also need to consent to a quick background check and within a few days, Uber will contact you about your activated account.

Uber drivers can decide for themselves to work whenever they want, wherever they want. They have the luxury of being their own boss and deciding their working hours according to their own schedule. Earn your own time with Uber. Sign up today!!


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