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Posted: 2021-09-27
Valid through: 2022-07-28

Want to be your boss, earn income on your terms? Get benefits while exploring? Become a Lyft driver and you are good to go.

Lyft is an application that connects the driver with the required customer and gives them a smooth drive.

Why Lyft?

  • Be Your Head: Drive wherever and whenever you want - and even you can take a break to rest and regain your strength.
  • A lot of Benefits: You can qualify for a healthcare subsidy when you average at least 15 hours of booked time per week.
  • Confirmed Earnings: You can earn at least 120% of the minimum wage including 30 per mile based on your booked time.
  • Driver Requirements:

  • You should be 25 years or older.
  • You should have a driver's license.
  • You should have a registered license plate.
  • You should consent to driver screening and background checks.
  • You should have an iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • Vehicle Requirements:

  • Lyft driver’s vehicle should be 2001 registration or newer.
  • It should be a 4 wheeler.
  • Lyft driver’s car should be of 5-8 seater including the driver.
  • Lyft drivers should have registered license plates.
  • Lyft drivers can even rent a car and work accordingly.
  • Document Requirements:

  • The vehicle should be insured.
  • Lyft Driver profile photo required.
  • Proof of vehicle inspection which should be performed by a C-BAR certified mechanic (the option will be shown in the Lyft driver dashboard once you apply)
  • Lyft drivers with a mean of a minimum of 15 hours per week during a calendar quarter are qualified for quarterly healthcare subsidies. They must submit the proof of current enrollment in a qualifying health plan in the Lyft Driver app within 15 days after the end of the calendar quarter to receive the healthcare subsidy.
  • Additional Information:

    Lyft may be a great opportunity for those that are trying to find part-time work, hourly work, contract commission, flexible side gigs, freelancing work from home, night shift, and graveyard shift opportunities. There is no need for professional driving experience and the company encourages entry-level and veteran applicants to consider driving with Lyft. Lyft drivers should have a government-issued license. Be an organized driver as they are often seen as the most successful. So put your administrative assistant/receptionist skills to use while schedule planning. Customer service is an important part of the driver-rider relationship. If you have got job experience as a limo driver, taxi driver, busmen, courier, or in hotels then Lyft is a superb opportunity to form great money working whenever you like. Drive in the morning, evening, night, or weekends! Lyft company welcomes applicants year-round - be it summer, winter, autumn, or spring holiday, workers can seek the job. Apply online today.


    1) How can I become a Lyft Driver?

  • Download the application from google play store or app store(iOS)
  • Fill the form.
  • Upload the required documents and get approved.
  • Pass the background check.
  • Get approved.
  • Get on the road, drive, and start earning.
  • 2) Do Lyft drivers make good money?

    Yes, Lyft drivers make a good amount of money. It is a really good side gig which also gives a bonus to the drivers.

    3) How much does a Lyft driver earn per ride?

    The company takes around 20% of the total fair. So the driver ultimately earns 80%, which is a good share.

    4) By what means can a Lyft driver be disqualified?

    Lyft will disqualify the applicant who has 4to5 accident records in three years or has violated the traffic rules. It will also disqualify those who have been into serious cases of hit and run.

    5) Does Lyft give insurance for accidents?

    Yes, Lyft covers the accident insurance of the insured vehicles with a certain amount. For the uninsured or underinsured motorist, only the bodily injury of the motorist is taken into consideration.


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