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Posted: 2021-06-22
Valid through: 2022-04-22

Looking for part-time or full-time temporary work to earn a little extra cash? Have you thought of becoming a Dasher? DoorDash is an on-demand, online food order and delivery service. Customers use the app to order their favorite meals from local restaurants. A Dasher delivers the user's foot to their doorstep. If you sign up you might find that being a Dasher suits you perfectly.


1) Who is a Dasher?

A Dasher is a freelance food delivery driver that uses the DoorDash app to make food deliveries and earn on every delivery completed.

2) How does a DoorDash delivery driver book deliveries?

A Dasher just simply needs to open the DoorDash app and click on “Dash Now” to start receiving deliveries from nearby restaurants. Once you start receiving requests you can decide if you want to accept or decline. If accepted, just drive to the restaurant by following the turn-by-turn navigation route and then drive to the customer's address and deliver them their meal with a smile.

3) What do you need to be a delivery driver?

To become a delivery driver for DoorDash all you need is to be at least 18 years old and have access to your own transportation with your own drivers’ license and insurance. Dashers also need a good working smartphone to accept deliveries.

4) How much does a DoorDash delivery driver earn?

A Dasher earns a base pay that varies on every delivery they complete. The base pay includes a pick-up and drop-off fee, location, distance, etc. The more deliveries made the more a Dasher earns. Dashers also keep 100% of all tips earned.

5) How can a DoorDash delivery driver receive their earnings?

DoorDash deposits a delivery driver’s earnings and tips directly to their bank account at the end of every week. If a Dasher needs the pay before the end of the week DoorDash offers an Instant Pay feature that allows Dashers to withdraw their earnings using a debit card.

6) How to maximize your earnings?

A tip from other Dashers is to deliver during peak hours, such as lunch or dinner. The App also notifies drivers about locations where there is a high demand for deliveries so that Dashers can maximize their earnings.

7) How do I apply to be a delivery driver?

To become a Dasher all you need to do is log on to the DoorDash website or download the app and click on “Become a Dasher”. Fill in your personal information and provide all the necessary documents for your vehicle. Finally, consent to a quick background check, and in a few days, DoorDash will notify you of your activated account.

8) Who pays for the take-out delivery?

Dashers do not pay for the take-out deliveries themselves. DoorDash sends a Dasher an activation kit once they apply that consists of a Red Car or a company card, a hot bag otherwise known as an insulated bag, and a manual.

9) Why should I be a Dasher?

As a freelance employer, Dasher enjoys the freedom and luxury of being their own boss. They can decide their own work hours and can decide where they work. They can choose their shifts and choose their day off. All DoorDash food delivery drivers enjoy complete flexibility and adjustability.

If you are looking for a gig that will allow you to work on your own time while still pursuing what you want, join DoorDash where you can earn and on your own terms. Sign up today!!


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