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Posted: 2021-09-24
Valid through: 2022-07-25

Get paid to shop! How does this sound to you? Interesting? Then apply fast!

Shoppers shop for others and earn money!

Simple Steps to follow:

  • Using Amazon device, locate and choose items carefully for customers.
  • Message customer, if replacement of items is needed.
  • Pack the selected items for delivery.
  • All amazingly fast.
  • What benefits do you get?

    1) Decide, when you want to work

    Using your mobile phone, select flexible shifts. Work as little as four hours per month or up to 20 hours a week.

    2) Be comfortable and Shop

    The device will be provided to you by Amazon. Select items, message customers, if any replacement items are needed. Pack the selected items for delivery. The best part is that shoppers only work in the store and are not supposed to go and deliver.

    Earn respectable pay while working for brands you trust. Employee Discounts and 401(k) saving plans are added advantages given.

    4) Health and safety measures: Amazon remains open to serve communities to the doorsteps with full precautions and safety. Before picking the items, shoppers wear gloves and change gloves, and wash hands frequently. Everything is sanitized before delivering to customers.

    Basic Job Requirements & knowledge:

  • Lift up to 49 pounds
  • Long-standing hours
  • Climbing stairs
  • Use technology like computers and smartphones
  • Eligibility: 18 years plus with the ability to read and speak English. Experience Required: On-the-job training is provided. No experience is required but if any prior experience will be an added advantage.

    Basic qualifications: High school, GED, or equivalent diploma.


    1)How much does an Amazon Prime shopper make?

    The basic salary at Amazon Prime can range from $13 - $18.

    2)What is the basic responsibility of an Amazon Shopper?

    Using Amazon devices, locate and choose items carefully for customers. Message customer, if replacement of items is needed. Pack the selected items for delivery.

    3)Does Shopper deliver the grocery at the doorstep?

    You’ll be up on your feet long working hours sorting and moving packages between trucks. No, you are not responsible for delivery.

    4)Is Amazon Shopper a good job?

    The job with a flexible schedule, decide when you want to work and if part-time, you need to work 12 hours a month and Amazon Shopper is an easy Is a job with a nice pay.

    5)What are the working hours at Amazon?

  • Choose shifts right from your mobile device.
  • Work flexible hours.
  • Based on business needs, shift availability varies – nights and weekends often have the most shifts available.
  • The business operates between 6 AM – 10 PM.
  • Shift times average 4 – 5 hours.
  • 6)Does the company give raise in terms of salary?

    Employees are paid hourly, if you work overtime( voluntarily/mandatorily) then the per hour rate absolutely rises.

    7)Is this true, Whole Foods joined Amazon?

    Yes, Amazon is partnered with Whole Foods.

    8)Can you work for Whole Foods and Amazon?

    Yes, if you work at Whole Foods Market, you will be on the payroll of Amazon.


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