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Posted: 2021-09-27
Valid through: 2022-07-28

Amazon Workforce Staffing

Amazon is hiring for the role of Order Filler, along with a decent paycheck. If you are looking to start an afresh career in a Warehouse setting, this job would be the best choice to start. Apply immediately! Amazon Order Filler Job Description

Picking, packaging, and delivering customer orders are all part of Amazon warehouse work. If you enjoy a fast-paced, physically challenging job that keeps you up and going, then this job will be a match for you.

Order fillers cooperate with the warehouse team to coordinate inventory and track down any lost goods or delivery delays. Order fillers must have outstanding programming skills because of the bulk of the merchandise encoding to the computer. They also unpack recently shipped goods, inspect them for damage during transportation, and organize them in the storage room.

Additionally, this role entails some physical activity and essential duties such as finding products and monitoring inventory. It is ideally suited for those who excel in fast-paced environments.

About the Company

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and a significant cloud service provider. Amazon today is a titan of e-commerce, logistics, payments, hardware, data storage, and media. It dabbles in plenty more industries. It's the go-to site for online shoppers and merchants, a modern necessity that independent sellers love to hate.

Amazon continues to operate as a vital company in our societies, providing needed goods to those who need them. Join Amazon and learn about Amazon's efforts to keep workers safe.

Order Filler Basic Responsibilities

  • Sort, check, and place the restricted goods on pallets.
  • Keep track of all items that are delivered, obtained, or moved from one place to another.
  • Compile notes on different aspects of production and inventory adjustments.
  • Find, sort, or transfer products between departments in the company.
  • Verify the accuracy of inventory reports.
  • Take supervisors' picking orders and try to locate goods in Amazon warehouses.
  • Verify that product containers while loading onto trucks with the highest degree of protection.
  • At the time of loading, hand over the appropriate packaging documentation to the delivery drivers. Shift and carry goods inside the delivery vehicle so that they are correctly stacked.
  • Ensure that the product you've selected is in line with the order sheet given to you.
  • Check the product to make sure it's in good working order and hasn't been affected.
  • Isolate any damaged objects in a designated area and notify supervisors.
  • Before transferring the required quantity to the packing pallet, count it several times.
  • Deliver products to a packing pallet and position them in the appropriate containers.
  • Ascertain the containers are appropriately labeled and numbered.
  • Measure and weigh the complete package, then mark it with detail.
  • Manually record the package information, then insert it, along with its status, into the database.
  • Fill out the selecting, packaging, and loading information in the Amazon database.
  • Follow proven protocols when it comes to voice-directed picking.
  • Keep track of production and packing regularly.
  • If there are some mistakes noticed by you then report to the supervisor right away.
  • Order Filler Basic Requirements

  • GED or equivalent diploma
  • Previous retail or customer service experience preferred
  • Forklift certification within 90 days of joining
  • Familiarity with radio frequency equipment preferred
  • Candidates must be 18 years or older
  • Order Filler Skills

  • Customer service
  • Physical fitness
  • Time management
  • Good communication skill
  • Positive attitude towards teammates
  • FAQ's:

    1)What is the interview process like at

    Interviewing for Amazon Warehouse is one of the best procedures you would ever go through. Often, the whole application process. It's almost exclusively online and by email. Finish the onboarding paperwork and a background search. You have to get your picture was taken and a mouth swab. Receive an email, accept the job, and then complete online new hire training.

    2)How flexible are your working hours at Amazon?

    If necessary, you may inform your superior that you will be required to operate for half a day. There is also a point system in place. On the working hour’s website, you can keep track of it. You can also schedule time off from work from there.

    3)How much does Amazon Order Fillers get paid?

    Your locality and your shifts decide your pay scale. Typically an Amazon order filler earns according to the time given to the company.

    4)What are the shift hours?

  • 10-hour shifts are usual for warehouse workers. After four days,
  • Saturday-Tuesday is the day you can take off.
  • Wednesday – Sunday
  • The weekdays (Tuesday through Friday) are free of charge.
  • From 6:30 p.m. to 5 a.m., there is an outbound flight (nights)
  • 6:00 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. (nights) inbound

  • 5)What is the working culture at the Amazon warehouse?

  • It is physically demanding work environment
  • You gain control over your job.
  • You are allowed to manage and take responsibility for specific projects.
  • Get a good salary and a great working atmosphere.
  • Individual growth and development is taken care by team culture and leadership.
  • Leadership conversations keep you up to date on the company's operations.
  • The Customer Obsession culture motivates you to provide the best possible service to our customers.

  • 6)What is the organizational structure of Amazon fulfillment centers?

    There are four major divisions:

  • Obtaining (pallets to shelves)
  • Choosing (shelves to carts, carts to conveyor belts)
  • Sorting (giant sortation machines automate some, but people also sort)
  • Picking up orders are ,considered to be a part of the sorting process. Using a cart to fill a box with an order that the sort machines have collated.
  • Pack (this is, in my opinion, the most accessible department.

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