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Posted: 2021-06-18
Valid through: 2022-04-18

Are you a student and want to earn your pocket money when acquiring new skills, earn a competitive income? In the distribution stations, Amazon is recruiting a growing number of people for the position of Sorting Associate. In this fast-paced warehouse setting, stay involved. This is a part-time position with early morning, day, and night shifts that will be available depending on your place.

What is an Amazon Sortation Associate?

An Amazon sortation associate stands in the same spot for long periods, walking a fair distance around the facility and sorting packages like envelopes and pallets by size and destination. An Amazon sortation associate's responsibilities include building pallets, wrapping pallets, transporting pallets with a pallet jack, and sorting packages and pallets.

As a member of this team, you will be responsible for loading conveyor belts, transporting, and staging deliveries for drivers to pick up. You'll also need to learn how to search and sort orders using the new Amazon technology, such as smartphones and handheld devices.

What are the Basic Responsibilities?

  • Assuring the dignity and satisfaction of customers.
  • Welcoming delivery vehicles and safely unloading orders.
  • Sorting the orders according to their position and other procedures.
  • Assuring full sanitation and hygiene.
  • Putting the goods in an order.
  • The goods are being sent to the verification location.
  • Receiving and sending incoming and outgoing goods in a systematic manner.
  • Keeping accurate records of all Amazon order databases, both incoming and outgoing.
  • When uploading ordered goods to individual delivery vehicles, safety precautions should be taken.
  • Maintaining correct delivery station rules and regulations.
  • Learning how to use the most up-to-date technologies for stress-free delivery.
  • What are the Basic Requirements?

  • A high school diploma or an equivalent diploma is required for employment.
  • Above the age of eighteen.
  • What are the skills you need?

  • Packages may be sorted by size and destination, with or without appropriate lodging.
  • Warehouse activities necessitate a high level of physical strength.
  • Knowledge of current delivery station technologies is preferred but not needed.
  • Positive attitude for teamwork.
  • Cooperation and coordination with the team workers are needed.
  • In 1994, Amazon was established. It began by selling books, but within a few years, it had expanded to become one of the most well-known online marketplaces in the world. Since then, it has been offering the best delivery service possible by delivering orders to customers' doorsteps. Amazon sells tens of thousands of items based on worldwide demand. Electronics, books, and other media.


    1) What is an Amazon sortation associate?

    The sortation associate transports packages from pallets to designated scan locations, inspects packaging for defects and losses, adheres to company safety policies, and keeps the warehouse clean and coordinated.

    2) What would a Seasonal Sortation Associate at Amazon do?

    An Amazon seasonal sortation associate serves as the link between transportation and logistics, ensuring that customers who place orders on Amazon receive a wide range, competitive pricing, and lightning-fast delivery.

    3) DoesAmazon do a background check and drug test?

    Yes, for some positions, Amazon does both drug tests and background checks.


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