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Working in a warehouse is never an easy job. But with the right exposure and experience, anyone can build their career in a warehouse setting. If you are looking for an opportunity to give a good start to your profession or if you want to get the experience of a warehouse setting, the warehouse associate at Amazon is the right choice for you. The job does not require any previous experience and is thus the best for beginners looking to earn some extra money. Apply Now.

About the Company

The globally renowned company Amazon started off as a book-selling platform in 1994. However, since then it has developed and established itself as one of the world’s best online retail platforms. The company now provides several services to its users, including online shopping, media streaming, and e-book reading.

To cater to such a wide range of services, Amazon hires employees working in different kinds of settings. One such workplace setting is the warehouse, which handles all the orders and ensures that the customers receive only the best quality service. Amazon prides itself on being an all-inclusive employer and welcomes people from all backgrounds and identities. If you wish to work with a renowned company like Amazon and earn some money the warehouse associate job is for you.

Amazon Warehouse Associate

The Amazon warehouse is responsible for handling all the orders, returns, and exchanges of the customers. The duties in the warehouse include packaging the orders, receiving and sending out orders for delivery, sorting out defective products, and more. To supervise all the work done in the warehouse, Amazon hires its warehouse associates. The employees can work in flexible shifts and earn according to the number of hours they work. The warehouse associates need to follow some guidelines and duties regularly to ensure customer satisfaction -

  • Process and load the orders.
  • Prepare the order as per the instructions.
  • Collect all the orders in the delivery area.
  • Enforce inventory control.
  • Keep a record of all the orders in the Amazon Database.
  • Prepare the orders for delivery.
  • Check and fill the customer orders.
  • Requirements for a Warehouse Associate

  • Applicant should have at least a high school degree.
  • They should have some knowledge about inventory and database software.
  • They should be physically fit to be able to carry heavy objects.
  • They should know how to operate the warehouse tools.
  • Previous experience is not needed but is appreciated.
  • The work of a warehouse associate at Amazon includes the duties regarding picking, packing, labeling, and shipping of orders and the interested applicants should be familiar with the techniques and skills required to be efficient in such a setting.


    1). How much do warehouse associates at Amazon earn?

    Amazon pays its warehouse associates depending on the number of hours they work, which varies on the shifts an employee opts for.

    2). Do Amazon warehouse workers get discounts on Amazon products?

    Yes, Amazon employees get an annual discount on the products sold by Amazon.

    3). Do warehouse associates work 7 days a week?

    No, Amazon does not allow its workers to work for more than 60 hours or for 7 days a week.

    4). What are the important skills for a warehouse associate?

    Apart from the technical knowledge, warehouse associates should be quick, accurate, and should be able to prioritize their work in order to be more efficient.

    5). Is the work of a warehouse associate hard?

    The job of a warehouse associate requires some physically demanding work from its employees. Besides that, the job does not require much experience or technical knowledge.


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