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Posted: 2021-09-27
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Who doesn’t love shopping be it clothes, appliances, cosmetics, or groceries? But it also includes spending a lot of money. What if a company pays you to shop for its customers? Not only a handsome salary but also a lot of beneficial services. What are you waiting for? Hurry up, Amazon has started hiring for Prime Shopper immediately. Check out the requirements and responsibilities and go-ahead to apply.

Be an Amazon Prime Shopper and earn a decent paycheck per hour. All you need is qualifications and minimum requirements to apply for this job

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  • Being an Amazon Prime Shopper, you will be part of the Amazon team who will be working for two brands, Amazon and Whole Foods. As it includes both food and household items, therefore the shoppers have to carefully find and select items in the comfort of Whole Foods.
  • You have to pack them for one-hour or two-hour delivery.
  • Amazon-provided technology will allow you to quickly move through the stores and fulfill customer orders. Amazon provides a smart device that will help you to pick the freshest fruit from the store and the right cut of meat from the butcher as you move for each order.
  • If you are not alien to mobile technology then this job is a great fit. Other than these, through Amazon-provided devices, shoppers can select items, contact customers if replacement items are needed, and go ahead with the packing of groceries for deliveries.
  • In Amazon Prime jobs the shoppers now only work in-store. They won’t go out for the delivery purpose. Amazon has delivery drivers who are responsible for delivering Whole Foods customer orders to members.
  • Before filling up the Amazon application, know that you are eligible to choose flexible shifts from your mobile device when you are a Prime Shopper. Amazon Prime shoppers select between 4-5 hour shifts as well as can work for 20 hours per week.

Know your responsibility as an Amazon Prime Shopper:

  • For the Amazon application, all you have to do is to process and layout the order after completing your shopping process.
  • You have to prepare the orders by processing requests and supplies; packing boxes; pulling materials; placing orders in the delivery area.
  • The maximum you have to do is to drive trucks or vans to and from vendors and complete the orders.
  • Repair and maintain your truck or van to prevent any mishappening for Amazon Prime Jobs.
  • Carry out inventory controls. You have to collect the stock location orders and print requests.
  • By following the organization’s standards, you have to provide quality service as a part of your job.
  • By working in-store, all you have to do is to maintain the store cleaning under the hygiene rule of the company.
  • By complying with procedures, rules, and regulations, promote clean shipping services.
  • For Amazon jobs, you must enter the reports at the end of every order for smooth running.
  • Provide related results and contribute your energy and dedication to the team.

Basic Requirements for Amazon Prime Jobs:

  • For this job, you must have a High school diploma, GED, or equivalent diploma.
  • Do not fill up the Amazon application if you are a child, as the company is against child labor. If you know about the working of the warehouse then the table is yours.
  • You are required to have experience in working with this type of profile.
  • Must know to read and write properly.
  • Must hold a certificate in the operating forklift for Amazon jobs.
  • Must pay attention to the minute details.
  • Physically fit to lift heavy orders and walk and stand around 8 hours per day.
  • Must have the patience to work in a pressurized environment.


1) What is the earning limit of Amazon Prime Shopper?

The basic pay will be disclosed after you are selected for the job, completing the above requirements. But the increase depends upon the amount of time you invest and the dedication you show while doing Amazon jobs.

2) Why Amazon Prime Shopper?

A shopper is not only paid regularly without any delays but is also eligible to work according to their schedule and in-store with no tension of delivery.

3) How is an Amazon Primer Shopper paid?

Amazon Prime Shoppers are paid bi-weekly through pay-check.

4) Does Amazon Prime jobs provide a free prime subscription to its employees?

No, they are not eligible for any such type of benefits, but they are given a 10% discount on the items that are sold or shipped by Amazon.

5) For how many shifts will an employee work for in Amazon Prime jobs?

An Amazon Prime Shopper works for at least 10 hrs each day for 4 days a week in two halves.

6) Are Amazon jobs hard?

The Amazon Prime Shopper role indeed requires physical determination. However, you will get complete guidance and support and, of course, loads of learning. People who can thrive in busy environments are best suitable for this position.


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