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Posted: 2021-06-22
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Amazon is one of the leading online shopping companies in the world, with a variety of merchandise and products and widespread features and services. One of these features that Amazon offers exclusively to their Prime Now members is grocery shopping!!

Amazon Prime Now members can now send a digital grocery list to Amazon and have them shop and deliver your household groceries to your doorstep. Now you can complete your grocery shopping without having to leave the house. Amazon is now on the lookout for Prime Shoppers! Hiring Immediately!! Sign up today and get paid to shop!!


1) What does a Prime Shopper do?

An Amazon Prime Shopper is paid to shop grocery!! Being stationed at the wholesale store, prime shoppers receive a customer’s digital grocery shopping list and are responsible for locating and selecting the items on the list. Once all the items on the list have been selected, shoppers need to package them properly and stage them for a delivery which will happen in about an hour or two.

2) How does a Shopper know they are selecting the right item?

Prime Shoppers using a smartphone scan each item before placing it in the shopping cart making sure it is the right item.

3) How do shoppers scan the items?

Prime Shoppers are given a smartphone by Amazon with the app pre-installed to receive customer’s grocery lists and to scan each item. Using one’s own smartphone is not required.

4) What if an item on the list is no longer available?

If an item is out of stock a Prime Shopper can contact the customer through the texting feature on the app to let them know. Prime shoppers must also suggest a replacement for that item and check with the customer before placing the item in the cart.

5) How does a Prime Shopper package the items?

The items need to be packaged appropriately according to the Amazon shopping guidelines. Fruits and vegetables need to be separate from the cereals and snacks. If some of the grocery items are perishables such as ice cream, they need to be packaged and stored in the refrigerator at the delivery station until they get picked up for delivery. All items need to be packaged and labeled properly and stored in the right area for their delivery.

6) What is the work environment like?

The Amazon whole foods store is a safe, clean, hygienic space with fresh grocery items and products. As Amazon prides itself on fast deliveries especially for Prime Members, Shoppers are expected to shop and pack as quickly as possible.

7) What do Prime Shoppers need?

All an Amazon Prime Shopper needs is to be at least 18 years old and have a good hold of the English language. Shoppers must also have a minimum of a High School Diploma education or any other equal qualification. Shoppers must also be physically fit to grocery shop as quickly as possible.

8) How do I apply?

The application process usually takes only about 30 minutes. All you have to do is log on to the amazon shopper jobs website and sign up with all the necessary personal information and consent to a quick background check. Be sure to mention in the application your earliest date to start working. Once you are done Amazon will contact you in a few days to provide you the details to complete the application process.

9) What are the working hours for Prime Shoppers?

Amazon Prime Shoppers select their shift according to their own preference beforehand. Shifts include morning, day, evening, and weekends. Prime Shoppers can work up to 20 hours a week to 4 hours a month. It is up to them. If on occasion if there is a demand for shoppers at a specific shift Amazon will contact you.

10) How does a Prime Shopper earn?

A Prime Shopper earns a minimum hourly wage specified in the offer letter. This wage can increase when one takes up extra hours or extra shifts or based on work performance.

Amazon Prime Shopper is a great position for those looking for temporary work be it part-time or full-time. It is ideal for those looking to earn extra pay while still having some flexibility. Join the Amazon team today!!


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