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Posted: 2021-07-31
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About Qkids

Qkids is an online education platform that is making teaching children a rewarding experience. We are looking for enthusiastic and experienced teachers who can share their knowledge and make English learning a fun activity for the children in China.

How Do We Benefit You?

  • Work From Anywhere: As a Qkids teacher, you will be able to connect with students from across the world. Teaching English online jobs takes you out of the traditional brick-and-mortar schools and allows you to explore the world and cultures beyond. You can teach from the comfort of your home or any preferred location.
  • Teach Online: The current pandemic has forced children from stepping out but that doesn’t mean that learning should stop. As nurturers of future generations, teachers like you can teach online with Qkids and help young learners keep up with their language learning goals.
  • Flexible Work Hours: Qkids allows complete flexibility when it comes to choosing work hours. You can fix your own schedule and teach at your convenience.

How To Apply?

The hiring process is a simple 6 step process that will not take more than 2 weeks to complete depending on how quickly you pass these steps. Follow these steps to become a Qkids teacher:

  • Visit our official website and fill the online application form. Attach your updated resume and education-related documents.
  • Select a date for a demo interview. You will be provided lesson slides that you will use for your demo interview. Review these slides and prepare a demo lesson. You can give a live interview or send us a recorded demo lesson.
  • Attend training. To brush up on your teaching skills and familiarize you with our teaching platform, we provide two training sessions of an hour each. You will be joined by a trainer and two other teachers who will answer all your queries about our platform and online teaching methods. By the time you complete these training sessions, you will be ready to take your first active Qkids class.
  • Take mock classes. You will take at least two mock classes to understand how online teaching works. The parents and the trainer will assess your performance and share their feedback basis which you can improve your teaching style.
  • Sign contract. We request you to allow a background check so that we can verify all your details before signing a contract. Once fully satisfied, we will sign an initial 6-month contract with you.
  • Book classes. You can now book classes depending on your availability and start teaching.

How Does Online English Teaching Work?

Qkids provides all the teaching materials and training needed to help you teach English online. Our curriculum is in line with the standards followed in Chinese schools so our students are always at par.

The teaching materials include lesson slides, games, videos, etc to facilitate teaching. There is no need for lesson planning as our curriculum is predesigned to meet the learning requirements of the students. The teacher has to preview the material and teach.

  • Each class has one teacher and 3-4 students aged from 4-12 years. The duration of a class is 30 minutes- 25 minutes for active instruction and 5 min for teacher comments.
  • You have to use your skills and experience to engage students and motivate them to participate in the learning activity.
  • As a responsible teacher, you have to guide students and monitor their progress.
  • You have to share your students’ feedback after every class. We will share your feedback with the parents and convey their responses to you. You are not liable to interact with the parents.

ESL Job Requirements

You can apply for ESL jobs if you meet the following requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree (Undergraduates can apply too)
  • Native speakers from the US/Canada only
  • A TEFL Certification/ Prior teaching experience (Optional)
  • A clear background check
  • Legally permitted to work or live in the US/Canada
  • Have a laptop/desktop with a high-quality camera, headphones, and a stable internet connection.


Q1. Can I apply at any time during the year?

Qkids is hiring now so you should apply as soon as possible and book the best teaching slots quickly.

Q2. I don’t speak Chinese. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply. You should be fluent in the language you will teach. You don’t have to speak Chinese in the classroom.

Q3. I don’t have online teaching experience. Can I still apply?

Yes. Online teaching experience is valued but it is not necessary. We will provide training that will enable you to teach online confidently.


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