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Posted: 2021-07-28
Valid through: 2022-05-28

No boss. Flexible schedule. Quick pay.

Now you'll make money by delivering food orders that customers crave using the Uber Eats app—all while exploring your city.

UberEats drivers devour food from local restaurants and deliver the orders to customers. Food ordering is all handled for the drivers by UberEats, therefore the driver simply goes into the restaurant, picks up the food, then drives to the customer’s location. The driver may deliver the order to a curbside or to the door.

Why UberEats?

Your vehicle, Your time

Grab your car, bike, scooter, or maybe shoes and deliver whenever you want—for an hour, a weekend, or throughout the week.

Everyday is payday

Need cash now? Deliver with Uber and found out Instant Pay to live up to five times each day.

Enjoy your city

Between learning and dropping off deliveries, it’s just you, your vibes and the road—relax, bump your music, and luxuriate in cruising around town.

What is UberEATs?

UberEATs is Uber's new food delivery platform that creates getting food from local restaurants as easy as clicking a button. With UberEATs customers can choose their menu item from a restaurant and drivers devour the food at the restaurant and convey the food to customers. Uber refers to UberEATs drivers as “delivery partners.” UberEATs Delivery drivers are independent contractors who devour and drop off orders.

Job Responsibilities

The following job responsibilities are common for people in UberEats driver roles:

Drive to restaurants, devour food orders, and ensure food matches what was ordered

Drive ordered food to customer residences and offices, delivering orders either to the customer’s door or meeting customers on a curbside outside of the delivery location

Typical Work Schedule

UberEats drivers set their own schedules and are ready to work day, evening, and weekend shifts. They schedule the shifts they need to work either beforehand or the day of deliveries.

How it works

1. Log in

Get on the road and log in to the drivers app to start receiving delivery requests.

2. Deliver orders

Suggested navigation and knowledge from restaurants and your customers is provided within the app to assist deliveries run smoothly.

3. Earn money

You can track your earnings and live daily or weekly.

Delivery requirements

Car delivery
  • Meet the minimum age to drive in your city
  • Have a 2-door or 4-door car
  • Have a legitimate driver's licence and vehicle insurance under your name
  • Have a legitimate vehicle registration. The VIN must match the VIN on your vehicle insurance
  • Have a minimum of one year of driving experience
Scooter delivery
  • Be a minimum of 19 years old
  • Have a motorized scooter under 50cc
  • Have a legitimate driver's licence and vehicle insurance under your name
  • Have a legitimate vehicle registration. The VIN must match the VIN on your vehicle insurance
  • When signing up, make sure to select “Deliver with a Scooter” under transportation method
Bike delivery
  • Be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Have a government-issued ID
  • When signing up, make sure to select “Deliver with a Bike” under transportation method


1- Can bikers also deliver orders?

Yes. If you do not have a car, you'll still deliver with a motorcycle using the Uber app.

2- How do I switch between receiving ride and Delivery requests in the driver app?

You can receive both ride and Delivery requests using UberEats app. From the Trip Planner screen, tap on the setting icon and switch ON Deliveries.

3- Am I able to do UberEATs Delivery on foot?

No, UberEATs doesn't support walking deliveries, so you want to have a car, scooter or bike to qualify as a courier.

4- Are Delivery Partners referred to as the company's employees?

No, they are not technically employees of the corporation, they're contractors who are paid a contract fee counting on what percentage of deliveries they've made.

5- What are the specified documents for delivery drivers?

  • Proof of ID(passport/AUS birth certificate)
  • driver's licence, student ID, or national ID

6- How can I start if I'm new to the Uber platform?

  • Download the Uber driver app and check in.
  • Consent to screening and upload the specified documents.
  • Once you're notified, you'll begin to receive delivery requests.

7- Am I able to work as a delivery partner with UberEATs with no work experience?

Yes, you'll work with UberEATs with no working experience. But, if you've got previous employment experience in delivery (such as Delivery driver, Deliver runner, or courier) then it will be a plus.

8- What's the minimum age to work at UberEATs?

19 years old

9- What are the requirements to drive with Uber?

  • Must meet the minimum age to drive in your city.
  • Have an eligible mode of transportation.
  • Submit required documents, including a legitimate driver’s license.
  • Pass a background screening.
  • Have a minimum of one year of license history


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