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Posted: 2021-09-26
Valid through: 2022-07-27

C.R. England Dedicated division has immediate openings. C.R. England has a brand new contract with the largest supplier of frozen pizza in the country, Nestle Pizza division. Up to .69 CPM!!! The positions we are hiring for are for a day cab position. This position is hiring in two locations. 95% of the time, you will be shuttling trailers between these two Nestle DCs. Backhauls will be picked up and delivered to various locations. This is a dedicated account, and backhauls are a requirement. All trailers out of Nations Pizza are preloaded, and this will be 98% drop and hook freight. All no-touch freight. Become a Class A driver at C.R. England.

For Day Cab Positions Only

You will be driving new automatic day cabs with the latest safety equipment to provide a better driving experience. All trucks utilize the latest ELD equipment with trucker friendly GPS capabilities. It is going to be a set schedule with a set 34 off each week. You will have the same day off every week so you can start to make plans! You will be home at the end of your shift every day, with the exception of the extreme weather shutdown. Company provided hotels in case you get stuck out while making your deliveries.

Shifts are between 10-14 hours a day with the occasional 16-hour extension. Since this is a dedicated account and we have a customer that we must service, time off must be submitted 2 weeks before the date needed. Time Off is on a first-come, first-serve basis and at the needs of the account. We are only hiring for a limited number of spots for this new account and will be taking only the best as this is a huge opportunity to be home every day.

If you are tired of sleeping in your truck, want a more stable schedule, tired of unloading pallets and products, and a dedicated staff to help you make the most money, please reach out to C.R. England via CareerTrack in the C.R. England toolbox app.

Shifts Available

  • Sunday to Friday, start time - 05:00.
  • Sunday to Friday, start time - 16:00.
  • Tuesday to Sunday, start time - 12:00.
  • Tuesday to Sunday, start time - 17:00.
  • Tuesday to Sunday, start time - 20:00.
  • Tuesday to Sunday, start time - 22:00.


1)What are the benefits associated with C.R. England jobs?

C.R. England promises a Class A driver the following:

  • On-time and great pay with paid day-offs.
  • Good family time and flexible work shifts.
  • New equipment maintained and serviced at the right time.
  • A health insurance and retirement package.
  • Paid CDL training.

2)What are the skills I require to have for C.R. England jobs?

C.R. England requires a truck driver to be skilled at :

  • Supervising machine functions and operations.
  • Manage time efficiently.

3)Do I have to learn anything for the Class A driver interview?

C.R. England jobs do not require you to learn anything specific but expect its drivers to have basic knowledge about the following :

  • Customer handling and supporting customer needs.
  • Machine management.
  • Functions, procedures, and costs of different transportation methods.
  • Proper English language in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • The company also provides paid CDL training.

4)What will be my day-to-day responsibilities as a truck driver at C.R. England?

The responsibilities of a Class A driver include:

  • Transporting both industrial raw materials and finished products.
  • Picking up materials from distributors, retailers, and manufacturing units.
  • C.R. England jobs include delivering the goods safely and without damage.
  • A truck driver must be skilled at driving 18 wheel trucks that weigh 40 tons and measure 80 feet with a horsepower of 400 each.
  • Applying preventive maintenance during transport.
  • Knowing and using the proper and the easiest routes.
  • Maintaining proper delivery timings as a Class A driver.
  • Building healthy relationships with customers.

5)Can I apply for C.R. England jobs if I do not have a CDL?

C.R. England has professional paid CDL training for freshers who do not have a CDL. It helps them and trains them to get a CDL and start driving. A 15-20 days training will be held for the trainees depending on the training location.

The training for C.R. England jobs includes both the practical and theoretical aspects of truck driving. It is divided into proper orders or phases to enable easier levelling of the training.

6)How many stages of paid CDL training are there for a Class A driver?

The training comprises two phases at C.R. England for a truck driver.

  • Phase 1: The driver has to drive a total of 180 hours on the road, and this usually takes a month.
  • Phase 2: Here, the driver trains with a lead driver, usually for 1.5 months. At this phase, the driver is permitted home time on request.

7)What are the requirements to join as a Class A driver?

The requirements for C.R. England jobs include :

  • Custody of a valid Class A CDL.
  • Minimum age of 21 years and clean driving history (felonies should be at least 10 years of age before hiring).
  • A truck driver must have a satisfactory prior employment record.
  • A working phone number and area code.
  • Undergo a drug screening test.
  • No record of DUIs in the past (seven years) and no more than two in the driver's lifetime.
  • No pressed driving charges or suspensions of licenses.
  • Pass a Department of physical transportation test conducted by a doctor under the direction of the company.

8)Will there be a contract for C.R. England jobs?

Yes, C.R. England expects its trainees to stay with them for 12 months after paid CDL training reduced to 9 months for veterans. And students are also expected to make 48 weekly payments to compensate for their tuition costs.

9)What should I expect after enrolling as a Class A driver at C.R? England?

  • Call for an interview.
  • Under drug and DOT physical tests.
  • Fill out a lot of paperwork and submit the required documents.
  • Get in touch with any other enrolled truck driver and your instructor.
  • Enter into either truck driving or the training.

10)Will my travel expenses be taken care of in C.R. England jobs?

C.R. England takes care of all expenses, including travel and lodging. While driving for the company, it ensures to compensate for the fuel or the diesel usage. Furthermore, a truck driver enrolled in the paid CDL training program is charged zero tuition but paid during training. The travel and lodging expenses of a Class A driver are covered too.


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